Toronto Backyard and front entrace design build

Toronto landscaping project 141 boardwalk Toronto, Ontario, the beaches

Front yard and backyard design build project Toronto landscaping company serving Toronto area This project was done in October 2010. It was designed for a couple living in the beaches just moving into their house with many other projects going on to renovate the home to their liking. I was one of three landscapers to give a design and quote, they choose Paradise views Landscaping because my ideas were fitting with the home and i was quick to get back with a design for them at no charge. They found my company through a google search under the heading Toronto landscaping and were very impressed with my designs and quality of work. This project included interlock, flagstone, retaining walls, flagstone, deck, and trellis you will find that all combined they are very appealing and give a certain feeling in which the customer liked, she had given me certain expectations of what she wanted to get out of this space, and expressed that she was vary satisfied with the end result.

Front yard
Backyard landscaping
So if you like contractors you can count on to get what you want call mike from Paradise views landscaping
and he will make it happen on schedule

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